After You Sell An Item

Wahoo! You’ve made your first sale! – Now what?

Store Manager > Orders > Print Invoice/Packing Slip > Mark Item As Shipped > Complete Order

When you open the ‘Orders Tab’ you’ll notice a number of option appear the the right hand side of the screen.

  • Tick = Complete Order
  • Eye = View order details
  • Pound Sign = View Commission Invoice
  • Letter = Store Invoice
  • Letter (P) = Packing Slip
  • Truck = Mark As Shipped (It will prompt you for a tracking number, if you don’t have one just type N/A).
  • Arrows = Request Refund

Once you’ve marked your order as complete, an automated email will be sent to your customers 7 days later to prompt them to leave a review!

Updated on 19 July 2021

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