What Each Order Status Means

Orders can be assigned various states which trigger actions across Crafter’s Market UK. Below is a short explanation of each one we utilise.

Pending Payment

The customer has committed to purchasing your item and is in the process of paying.

On Hold

Awaiting payment – stock is reduced, but you need to confirm payment.


Payment received (paid) and stock has been reduced; order is awaiting fulfillment. All product orders require processing, except those that only contain products which are both Virtual and Downloadable.


Orders marked as complete are either ready to be shipped out or have been shipped out.


An optional extra state where you can provide tracking information and notify the customer their item has been shipped. By using this status it allows all parties the ability to track the items delivery status.


Canceled by an admin or the customer – stock is increased, no further action required.


Refunded by an admin – no further action required.


Payment failed or was declined (unpaid) or requires authentication (SCA). 

Updated on 27 July 2021

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