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Why Hasn’t My Money Been Deposited Yet?

When a customer places an order it can take a little time for funds to reach your account, for refund and cancellation purposes we have instructed stripe to hold funds in accounts for a number of days. The reason for this is, if the funds remain in your account it means we can easily and more importantly, quickly refund customers.

Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us so by doing this we make sure that customers receive their money back as quickly as possible. Customers who request refunds outside of this time frame will expect to experience a prolonged refund process while funds are retrieved.

Another reason that funds may not have been deposited yet is that the customers payment has failed. Be sure to check your orders prior to posting items and make sure the payment from the customer has been successful. If payment has failed, contact your customer to notify them.

Updated on 19 November 2021

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