How to Turn On Holiday Mode

Sometimes we just need to take a break! Whether you are lucky enough to have a ‘full to capacity’ order book and just need to press pause, or you’re even luckier and are soon to be off on your travels! You need to know that you aren’t going to be swamped with orders that will be impossible to fulfil. This is where Holiday Mode comes in rather handy.

Holiday Mode is a PLUS Member feature and is not available to basic members.


What is particularly handy about this feature is that you have a choice! You can stop all orders entirely whilst in vacation mode – Tick the box which says “Disable Purchase During Vacation”. Or don’t tick the box and choose to carry on allowing customers to place orders. You can then upload a vacation message to appear on your store and within your product listings! For example, you can state a longer turnaround time if you are still allowing orders. Or you can leave a note to say “We’ve gone on holiday! We’ll be back Monday 1st August.”

You can also schedule your vacation mode in advance! Less worrying about business, more enjoying your holidays!

Updated on 13 July 2021

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