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Why Has My Product Been Removed By Admin?

If your items breach any of our policies we will attempt to contact you via Email. Please check your spam folders if you have not seen any communication from us. In this email we will explain which policy your items breach and ask that you remove the items. If the items are not removed within 72 hours of our initial Email admin will remove the items.

The most common reason that items will be removed are:

  • Copyright or Trademark Infringement. Any items that contain elements that are not your own intellectual property will be removed. This includes Disney (Characters, Quotes, Font), Peter Rabbit, Avengers/DC comic characters, Brand logos, etc.
  • Not handmade by the store owner. If we believe an item is not handmade, or is simply assembled, or is being ordered in large quantities and resold then this goes against our policies and the items will be removed.
  • Not Compliant With UK Safety Regulations. If we have reason to believe your items have not under gone tests that are legally required for your industry, or you do not hold legally required certifications then your items will be removed. This includes – Cosmetic Product Safety Reports on all products designed for use on the Skin, Hair or Nails, CE/UKCA Testing on all products that have any play value for children (This includes dummy clips & teething necklaces) and Food Safety/Hygiene Certificate for the sale of any products made for Human Consumption.

Terms of use – Crafters Market UK

Updated on 9 August 2021

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