Set Store Shipping By Weight.

Store shipping by weight is great for businesses who have items that customers might by multiple quantities.

Ordering 1 or 2 of that item may not affect the cost of shipping, but when a customer orders 4 or 5 you may need to ship that item in larger box, or the package weight may exceed price brackets which will cost you more. In which case you’ll want to charge more to cover the additional cost.

Store Manager > Store Settings > Store Shipping > Edit United Kingdom > Add Shipping Method > Select Ship By Weight > Set Up Weight/Price Brackets

Your first ‘Weight Rule’ should always be ‘Weight up to’! Any subsequent ‘Weight Rules’ should be set to ‘Weights More Than’ – any conflict in weights will confuse the system. This includes having the first Weight Rules set up to 500g, and then the second weight rule set as Weight over 500g. Instead they should be up to 500g and over 501g.

You can use the + to add as many Weight Rules as you require.

Don’t forget to then apply a weight to your items in the product listing settings under shipping tab! Otherwise the system won’t know what shipping rate to charge.

As a safety net, its a good idea to apply a price to the box that says ‘Country default cost…..’ this will ensure a postage cost is applied even if your product weight doesn’t match any of your weight rules.

Updated on 29 September 2021

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