Per-Product Shipping

Sometimes you may wish to charge shipping on a per product basis, also known as Per Product Shipping (PPS) instead of Shipping by Class or Weight.

Setting up Per Product Shipping

To set this up please follow the instructions below:

  1. Within your Store Manager > Product page under the Shipping tab you will see the Per-product shipping checkbox.
  1. Check the Per-product shipping checkbox to enable product shipping on this product.

You have two fields:

Shipping Cost – This is the base price of shipping which is charged once per product type.
Cost Per Quantity – This is the cost per quantity which is charged for every item added to the basket.

Per Product Shipping example

Take the following example:

In this case, we are saying charge £2.50 initially, plus an additional £2.00 per quantity (including the initial). So in this case we get £4.50.

If we add an additional item, we’ll be charged an additional £2.00

Per Product Shipping Pros & Cons

Per Product Shipping is perfect for vendors who sell various items and don’t wish to delve into the alternative Class or Weight systems, allowing you to get set up and selling in no time at all. PPS also enables you to offer shipping discounts on the same item based on quantity (as the example above).

The main drawback for Per Product Shipping is when the customer wishes to purchase multiple different items as this will charge per-product and will not offer discounts on quantity.

2 identical items trigger a discount whereas 2 different items will not

Updated on 8 October 2021

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