How To Respond To Potential Buyers

When a customer has a question they can choose to send you can inquiry by clicking the “Message Seller” button on your store/product listings. You’ll be notified by email of this and you’ll also find a notification in your dashboard which you can find in your account menu.

Tap on the unique Inquiry Code, in this case its #000084 and you’ll then be able to view the inquiry and also respond.

If you want to revisit an inquiry you can find all previous communications in the Inquiries Board on the Home section of the Store Manager.

Not sure how your response should sound? Why not check out our Beginners Guide To Great Customer Service Article.

Alternatively – Head over to our Facebook Group for Vendors and ask your fellow CMUK Vendors how they might respond. CMUK – Vendors Only | Facebook

Updated on 25 July 2021

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