How To Leave A Review

You must be logged in to your Crafter’s Market account at the time of purchasing in order to leave product or store reviews.

You’ve received your order, YAY! Leaving a review about your purchase can help lead other potential customers to complete their purchase with confidence, or your review could help the vendor make improvements to their products or process.

Reviews can be left on both a vendors store and on specific items that you’ve purchased. You’ll be sent a reminder email about leaving a review (with handy links!) 7 days after your order is marked as ‘Complete’ by the vendor. But if for any reason you don’t receive this email then reviews can be done from your order history. You can find your order history under ‘Account’.

Click ‘View’ on your order form.
Click on the ‘Product Title’ to leave a review on the product. Or click the ‘Shop Name’ to leave an overall review of the shop.

Once you’ve diverted to either the store or the product page you’ll then find a review section. On the product reviews you can even upload your own images of the items you receive.

If there is a problem with your order we urge you to contact the vendor first and allow them the chance to make things right before you leave a public review. Please see our How To Contact A Vendor Article to find out how to do this.

Updated on 27 July 2021

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