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How Can I Get My Products On To The Feature Pages?

Products on feature pages are selected and assigned by a member of the admin team using a list of strict criteria.

  • Great product photography! Clear, bright, uncluttered photos stand a much better chance of being noticed by customers.
  • Attributes assigned to product listings – Attributes are used as part of our websites search filters.
  • Product titles and Descriptions are informative and not basic.
  • Products have SKU codes.
  • Variations & Addons have been used correctly.
  • Shipping has been applied correctly.

If you feel your items qualify to be included on one of our feature pages please feel free to contact us with your request. If there is any criteria missing from your product listings we can then notify you and you can make any necessary amendments.

Following all of the criteria above will also mean your products stand a better chance of being approved for Google Shopping!

Updated on 9 August 2021

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